It was already noon when snow started to fall. I tried to ignore the silent footsteps every flake made, but it was just too damn cute. My bathroom was freezing cold. It was also the only room in my apartment with a window. Got to take what this pathetic city has to offer. It’s hard. But if you’re not here, you’ll end up elsewhere, is what they told me. They were right. It was all about exactly that. Making your own fucking decisions. Having control over your „career“ in the creative business. Well, in my case that meant living in a basement. It’s a good place for a writer like me. A basement that had only one window and a door that I could not go through without ducking my head down. Yes, life was hard, but I was tough. So watching the snow fall down on eye height was one of the few soothing moments in my daily life in winter. When I came back to my desk the ink was frozen. Usually I would have been mad. I wasn’t. I took a scarf and went back to the bathroom. Snowflakes. So damn cute.

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