Once there was a poodle named Wolfgang. Born with black, curly hair, he was meant to be the black sheep of all dogs in his family. Wolfgang didn’t like his parents‘ vegetarian food, their well-bred behaviour, and hated their looks of reproach when he went on his long, silent walks without lifting a leg once. Wolfgang liked hanging out with stray cats, the ones that no shelter would take in, and to eat rotten fruits and get funny in the night. It was one of those nights when Wolfgang was to change his life completely.

„You know what,“ he said to his buddy Johann, a red-white striped cat, „I will no longer be the black sheep of this family.“ „I feel ya, buddy, but hooouw?“ asked Johann, not opening his eyes for he was all drunk. „I can’t change my family’s point of view. So I will change the color of my fur!“ Wolfgang squeaked excitedly towards the stars. „Oh snap. Now-meow, which color do you choose, Sire?“ whispered Johann with a majestic paw-gesture towards the trashcans next to them. „I shall be purple, and be your color contrast company!“ Wolfgang announced and jumped into a pile of rotten plums. He threw himself back and forth, rolled around, struggled like a newborn pup. „Purple, purple, purple poodle.“ they sung all night long, „other dogs just look like noodles!“

Soon Wolfgang was exhausted, dirty, his fur all sweet and sticky, but he was purple and happy. „This is the best day ever.“ he whispered peeping through the pile of paper that he covered himself under to dry. „The shock of your family tomorrow will be even better.“ Johann said with a smile, before the unlike pair yawned simultaneously, and fell asleep.

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