my secret vita

I’m young, which means I’m a quick study, and fast. I’m born digital native, yet believe in real-life collaboration and trust. I care for the small details, especially when it comes to inclusion and diversity. Regardless of having fun at work, I have a serious and loyal work attitude. Here we go with some facts:



I’ve worked for/with the following partners
including big business and small projects

  • Tschechisches Zentrum
    (graphic recording at a vernissage)
  • neue deutsche organisationen
    (graphic recording)
  • Daimler AG
    (graphic recording & live illustration)
  • Stadt!Inklusive
    (graphic recording)
  • Berlin Science Week 2018
    (graphic recording)
  • we.CONECT, at Pharma MES 2018
    (graphic recording)
  • KJBb  Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg
    (graphic recording)
  • JLL, with Magdalena Wiegner
    (live illustration on wall)
  • Ethical Fashion Show Berlin
    (graphic recording)
  • Kater Demos Magazin (issue #3, #4, #5)
    (editorial, illustration, writing)
  • Astrange Magazin (issue #2)
    (editorial, illustration)
  • Lesebühne Konzept*Feuerpudel
    (live illustration, postcard design)
  • SonneMond&Mango – Soliparty@Fevala Balada Bar
    (live illustration)
  • KileLe – Kinder lernen Leben gGmbH
    (illustration, photography)


Studium Illustrationsdesign
Akademie für Illustration und Design Berlin, 2015-2019

  • Multimedia Approach: Graphic Design, Illustration, Editorial Design, Graphic Recording, Photo Design, Infographics, Print Techniques, Graphic Novel, Motion Design, Typography
  • Completed studies March 2019
  • (Before that: A-levels, but who cares.)


Lange Nacht der Illustration, 2019
project assistance. co-organising the event with Lange Nacht der Illustration e.V.

  • content creation
  • social media campaigns, partner acquisition, public relations

Konzept*Feuerpudel, 2019
project assistance. co-organising the event with Gleiswildnis

  • website maintenance, content creation
  • photography, social media campaigns, event management

Member of Netzwerk Freie Literaturszene Berlin e.V.
Link: NFLB

Delyrium, 2016-2017
co-created with Robert Klages and Stephan Groß

  • monthly readings of poetry and short stories
  • on stage at Hafenrevue, fesTTTival, and Brotfabrik


you can reach and find me here (graphic recording/other):